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How to Practice Mindfulness

It has been concluded from various studies that meditation of mindfulness will often fight any physical and mental condition. Some of the known conditions include post-traumatic stress disorders, anxiety and psoriasis. Additionally, conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and fibromyalgia are included too. Some very recent studies have indicated the effects of mindfulness on depression that is clinical in nature. The art of mindfulness was taught to the participants of these studies. After the conclusion of the study, they were all asked to go back home. Later on, these participants were recalled to undergo an MRI. It came out clear that the participants’ amygdala had taken a remarkable change. This is a part of the brain that is usually engaged in experiencing emotions. Depression is also controlled by this part. There was a general decrease in depressed thoughts among the participants. Taking into consideration mindfulness is a great idea even though not so many people have embraced it so far. This is due to the challenges related to relaying information to them. This is definitely going to have a new face.

Our minds often respond automatically and thereby making us have desirous and negative thinking. They usually determine our emotional state. It usually seems as though we do not have control of whatever goes on in our minds. But, the converse is true. We have control and can reign it in. This can all be done through mindfulness which happens in the following steps.

Set aside some time for yourself so as to take on an activity that will reduce anxiety. It could be a massage or even just a warm bath. A period of around twenty minutes will be enough. Then, you will have to find a place where you are not exposed to disquiet; one that is totally relaxing. This is where you will take your seat. Without the help or the use of an alarm, set your time limit. Alarms are known for negating any progress that you will have made. It will be better if the intervals set come after five minutes. For each additional day, you can keep adding an extra five minutes. Ensure that you find a comfortable position that will keep you fit through the entire process. The position that you have chosen should not present to you any problems during this process.

There is nothing as vital as fully following your breath. This covers both the moments that you breath in and when you breath out. While at it, observe your wandering mind. It is almost inevitable for your mind to move from place to place. This is a natural part of the process that will often be lesser as you go on practicing. In the event that the wandering has become too much, try to return your focus on the breath. It is just a simple process as it is.

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