The First Plantation Museum in Indonesia is Currently in Medan City!

Plantation Museum Medan City now has a plantation museum. Where is the initial Plantation Museum in Indonesia lohpal. This Indonesian plantation museum is situated at JalanBrigjenKatamso no.53 Medan, North Sumatera. This museum was only inaugurated on December 10, 2016 ago. The Indonesian Plantation Museum is managed by the Indonesian Plantation Museum Foundation situated In a building belonging to the Research Center for Oil Palm. If from the side of the road, is obviously visible article of Indonesian Plantation Museum. With Background of a Home, Aircraft and Locomotive. This colonial era architecture home became a Plantation Museum.

Ayok we see there’s anything in it. Before entering the Museum we’ll be billed entry price of Rp 8000, – / Person and Rp 5000, – for groups over 20 people. An image Of Follow Me and keep hygiene on the museum floor, becomes a way for us to ring the Museum. On the walls of the Museum has made many infographics describing about Plantations in Indonesia. Beginning from the history of Indonesian plantations, to what goods generated like Palm, coffee, tea, tobacco, rubber, cocoa, sugar cane and Tea.

The following Room is your Palm Oil Room that’s the space that’s now the main planting product in North Sumatra. In this space you’ll be educated how remarkable is agricultural technology that’s able to process oil hands into many commodity eg cosmetics, foodstuffs, and cooking oil. In the year 2007 Indonesia promised to be the world’s palm oil manufacturer shifting Malaysia that since the 60s perched at the number one. Establishing Indonesia’s First Plantation Museum in North Sumatra isn’t without reason. Since North Sumatra plantation was legendary. The initial plantation design is also in North Sumatra. Perkebunan Museum Indonesia has the motto Connecting the Past and Future So we could see how a Development of plantations in Indonesia from the past into the present, Museum Plantation Indonesia is appropriate as an attraction for tourist which Educates the community about plantations in Indonesia, notably North Sumatra. With this Museum, the history of the plantation will be well documented.